Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spooky Cycle: Tails and Tales

This week's Spin Cycle's theme is Halloween show and tell…

Last Saturday, my wife and I went to our church's Halloween party. Whenever we go, we tend to dress up. All week we were trying to figure out what we would wear because we typically throw something together at the last minute and we didn't want that to happen again. I was considering making a dog mask out of a headband and gluing a pair of ears on the sides, but on Saturday while shopping, I saw a pre-made dog mask and bought it to wear:

My wife dressed up as Mary Poppins:

Monday was Halloween and we went over to my step-son's to go trick-or-treating in his neighborhood, then afterwords have scary foods to eat. One of the more requested dishes was the Octopus Hot Dogs:

My wife bought a Frankenstein cake from work:

This past week I was checking my blog statistics (because I wonder who all is reading) and I discovered that my post on Finger Bread sticks got a lot of hits. I checked my page to see if it actually had a picture, and it did not. Here's what they wind up looking like:

small cycle


That gentleman's lady said...

I bet octopus hot dogs are a big hit with little ones.

Love the mask :D

Sprite's Keeper said...

Heck , those hot dog octopi are a hit with ME! Love the costumes, you're linked!

Eileen said...

Octopus hot dogs are a brilliant idea! Must file that one away. And the finger breadsticks are pretty ingenious, too. Not being creative, I must steal the ideas of others ;-) Thanks for the visit!

Mrsbear said...

We make the octopus hotdogs all the time. Also mummy dogs using strips of crescent roll dough.

Nice jobs with the costumes. The mask was pretty unique, the dog biscuit just completes it. And your wife made a terrific Mary Poppins.

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