Friday, July 29, 2011

Can I borrow a dollar for lunch

When I was in high school I used to ask my dad for a dollar to buy something for lunch. Unlike a lot of schools today, we didn't have lunch periods that were shorter than the other school periods. This meant that we had a lot of extra time on our hands for lunch. They say that you are not supposed to play with your food— but we were kids and needed something to occupy all that extra time on our hands. Since I only had a dollar, I normally didn't get all of the items at once. These were items that we purchased at the snack bar which were not always available, but were there enough for us to come up with some interesting ways of playing with our food.

String Cheese (Mouse Tails)
If you take a smaller piece off of the string cheese, it seems to resemble a small tail. You then put the tail in the side of your mouth and tug at it. While you tug, you poke your cheek with your tongue giving the illusion that there is a mouse in your mouth.
Ho Ho's (Mice)
Since we had the tails, we needed the actual bodies. We also tended to unroll these and lick the icing then eat the cake.
Ess-KO-mo pies
These were actually chocolate covered ice-cream bars, but we called them Eskimo (pronounced Ess-KO-mo) pies. The trick was to be able to pull all of the chocolate off without breaking it… eat the chocolate coating, then eat the ice cream.
Chocolate Milk
I don't think that the pint sized container had the phrase "shake well before opening", but if it did, we took the phrase to new heights. You place the unopened milk carton on the edge of the table so that the flat seal of the carton was perpendicular to the edge. You grip the flat part and flip it off the edge. The trick was to see how many times in a row you could land the carton seal side up.
Frozen Chocolate Malt
If we weren't flipping our Chocolate Milk, we would pour a thin layer of it on top of the Chocolate Malt cup and wait for it to freeze. Then we would scrape off the frozen layer and repeat the process.

I know that nobody else was allowed to play with your food, but confess… I know you did. What did you do when you played with your food?


That gentleman's lady said...

If things had layers, I'd separate each layer and eat one at a time. I'd make shapes out of foods like rice, peas, beas etc. I'd also crumble cookies and eat the tiny pieces.... and if it was crunchy like a chip, i'd take the tiniest bites out of it.

Stacy Uncorked said...

You were very creative, weren't you? ;) The only thing I can think of is that any filled cookies had to be eaten from the outside in, saving the filling for last. :)

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