Monday, May 10, 2010

The Old 300

Being a singer in a church choir you tend to hear certain hymns referred to by their number in the hymnal using the phrase "The old whatever". This typically means that the hymn is a popular one and is usually known by its number rather than the actual hymn name.

Television shows typically celebrate their something-hundredth episode with a special episode of their own. Even in the blogiverse many bloggers tend to celebrate their something-hundredth post with a special post to mark the occasion. So I guess what I'm eluding to is that this is my 300th post.

I usually strive more towards quality versus quantity— so it has taken me a while to reach this 300th post. If you are new here, or if you are curious as to what on earth someone would say 300 different ways— I encourage you to look through the Labels on the right to get a feel for my previous 299 posts. Think of it as viewing the reruns— many of the old shows are really good even though not many people actually saw them the first time around.

Being around as long as I have, I have seen many a blogger come and go. Those to whom I thought were untouchable and would continue blogging forever, either faded or fell off the face of the blogiverse. Some of them are still listed as being a follower, yet when you go to read their blog you get a blog not found or a message back saying that they have gone private. This worries me, and I wonder if I will ever run out of material. Safe to say, I do have a lot of ideas floating around in my head which should keep you occupied for quite some time now.

Sometimes I view myself as one of "The Old Guard" in the bloging world. In certain circles you typically find those individuals who can be considered a part of The Old Guard because of their longevity. These are the ones who have been around for a very long time and are looked up to because of their experience. I have found that many bloggers that I looked up to as being Old Guard actually started their blogs after myself. I never realized this until I read about their own blogiversary and noticed that they are actually younger than myself.

A clarification needs to be made between having longevity and being popular. I usually say to myself that I got my followers the old fashioned way— I earned them. It has taken me almost two years to get the number of followers I have. Even though many of my readers do not indicate that they are a follower, I can safely say that I have about 100 or so unique readers. If you compare that with other bloggers out there who have followers in the hundreds, I have a very small niche of dedicated readers.

So I would like to thank the Academy… oops, wrong speech. I would like to thank all of my readers— those who have been around from the beginning, as well as those who have just discovered me. I do not think I could write as much if I was writing into a void. I hope that you have enjoyed my first Three Hundred, now on to the next…

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