Monday, December 8, 2008

Over the Blvd. and down the hill…

…to grandmother's house we go.

Before my mother-in-law passed, she used to live just across the street and down the hill. Being house bound she couldn't get out— so one Christmas morning my wife and I decided that we would go over to her house and wake her up to celebrate Christmas with her. Since we didn't feel like getting dressed, we put on our bath robes and ran down to see her. After this we decided that we would always celebrate Christmas in our pajamas.

Me in my PJ's… Coffee in one hand— dog in the other.

Lately we have held Christmas at our house and have cooked a Christmas brunch for the kids and their families. Even though they no longer live with us, we have insisted that they come in their pajamas and we all have a great time opening presents, eating brunch, and enjoying the day.

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