Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rhyming Wednesday: Living on a plateau

It appears that Otin's Rhyming Wednesday is not up today, but I thought I would contribute one of my poems anyway. Many of you have been asking for a poem— so I thought I would not disappoint.

I wrote this while in college, but ran across it recently. So many times I write something that may sound pretty at the time— but it takes on a more profound meaning when I come back to it.

Living on a plateau
I find no new trend.

No mountains to climb, no cliffs to jump
no place to begin or end.

My goals are short
my dreams are long.

Nothing too near
or too close to belong.

All I need is to find anew
one not too few to be a friend.



Leigh said...

That's pretty!

Anonymous said...

"My goals are short, my dreams are long", I like that. And otin has put his meme on hiatus. Not sure if/when it will come back...

Jillene said...

Great poem!!

Liz Mays said...

I think it's wonderful that you've said your poetry. I wish I had my old pieces.

Mike said...

Very nice! It seemed that only a few people were interested in poetry linking. I might do it again. I wanted Subby to take it over :)

Unknown said...

I really like that poem and it's wonderful you found it. Lot's of old stuff that we all save tends to end up in a box and never seen again. Which is a shame because, as you have just proven, it's worth publishing.

Thanks for the comment. Kiddo is doing well - she is a part of the Marching Band which she loves and everyone loves her. So much better than hanging with fake friends.

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