Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trapped in Time: Act 2

This part of the story will not make any sense to you unless you read the first part. If you have not done so, please read the section called: Trapped in Time: Act 1. Thank you.

… I awoke in darkness. Fumbling to get my bearings I found a doorknob and saw a faint glow emanating from my arms. "Great", I thought to myself "it looks like I've been placed in the environmental suit and it's decaying." Fortunately the door was unlocked, so I wasn't locked into what appeared to be a closet.

As I slowly opened the door to see where I was I noticed that I was in my own house. Not knowing how long I had been in the suit, I was unsure how much time I had left before the suit completely failed and I died inside it. I looked into the living room and saw the time portal on the side table. "Excellent", I thought to myself "I can get the time portal, go into the kitchen to call my colleagues and get this fixed up in no time."

I quickly went into the living room, stole the time portal under my arm and headed towards the phone in the kitchen. Upon entering the kitchen, my wife turned, screamed and immediately fainted. "She must not have recognized me in the suit", I said to myself.

I ran to her and bent over to see if she hurt herself. It was at that moment that someone came barging in through the kitchen door. Fearing it was the intruder from before, my mind started reeling: "Will I be able to get to the phone?", "Who should I call if I do?", "How can I escape?"

As I turned my head to face the intruder I could only think of one thing… "Maybe I can use the time portal on myself and send me back far enough to call for help…" Fiddling with the time portal I lifted it up and struggled to find the trigger…

There was a flash of light…

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Wendyburd1 said...

Hmmmm is he the same man he saw in part one?

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