Monday, June 20, 2011

Spin Cycle: Watch Your Step at the Wishing Well

Since this weeks spin is about books, I figured I would re-post a review I did about a great summer-time book. Not only that, but it is written by a high-school classmate of mine. From what I hear she has finished the sequel, so you better start reading so you can be ready for when the sequel is published.

I just recently finished the book Watch Your Step at the Wishing Well by Lisa Hudon. This is one of those easy reads that you can easily go through while on the beach or poolside. I highly recommend adding this to your summer reading list.

The story is almost like a fairytale in how an average everyday girl from the Midwest named Nicolle Bocelli falls in love with a rock star named Gary LaForge. And much like Cinderella, just when you think our heroine is living the life of bliss— true reality sets in like the clock striking midnight as this fairytale life of hers becomes complicated with drama and intrigue. And just when you think you have everything figured out, an additional twist is added which keeps you in the story and keeps you reading further. Not only does the story line keep you interested, the scenery the author uses keeps you interested as well.

I must admit that growing up in the same home town as the author there is a lot of imagery about the heroine's home town that I can identify with— but I also believe that the settings are quite believable and paint an interesting picture that assists in the character development. The contrast between the home towns of both Nicolle and Gary complement each ones character and assist in showing where they both come from as well as showing why their personalities are the way they are.

I rather like the way in which Gary interjects from time to time with his own telling of the story. It is almost as if Nicolle sat down after the fact and was writing her adventure when Gary decides he needs to give "his" side of things.

And just as everything in the story seemed to come together and reach a dramatic climax, it quickly ended. Everything was neatly put in its place and a calm sense of normalcy returned. But this sense of a heroic and dramatic ending leaves the reader wanting more. There are a lot of unanswered questions… but I'll leave that to the author to answer when the sequel is released.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Okay, this one sounds like a winner! I always love a good romance, and this book sounds like it has that and more realism than your usual fairy tale. Adding it to my reading list, you're linked!

Joanie said...

I will definitely have to look for this book. I have quite a few books in my Kindle waiting for me now. I love reading books that take place where I live! I read several authors whose books take place in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. Good to see you back at it, Chris!

Anonymous said...

How cool that it was written by someone you know! I'll put it on my list. Thanks.

Captain Dumbass said...

Sounds like a good one. I recently read a book that trotted around the globe but ended up in my city. It made it that much more interesting.

Kate said...

Gonna check it out, sounds like a great read!

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