Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spin Cycle: Running in circles

This week's Spin Cycle is a poetry spin. I thought I would contribute a poem that has spinning involved in it just to keep with the theme a bit more.

This is one of those self reflective poems I wrote when I was quite depressed at not having anybody. Even today I sometimes get that feeling that perhaps those people to whom you call "friend" are not there for you and you are left alone.

Running in circles the trail my own.
Again I must admit I am alone.

No one around to share the time
nobody at all to be just mine.

Again and again I'm in despair
I find someone but they're never there

And so I'll always be here patiently
waiting for someone who can find me.

But until then
I guess I'll never have a friend.


small cycle


Barbaloot said...

Well, now I feel all melancholy. I can definitely relate to the feeling in that poem. But today as I read it, even though I'm alone in many senses of the word, I didn't feel lonely but instead was reminded of the people I DO have in my life as well as a Heavenly Father who knows me personally.

Thanks for helping me think of that:)

Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, wow, this IS perfect for both spinning and poetry! While sadness radiates from it, I know you're in a good place now, so it does seem more reflective. You're linked!

Anonymous said...

That's so sad. But it definitely reflects your emotion. Great spin.

Michele said...

Wow! I could never write a poem that well.

Kate said...

Great poem...loved it!

Life in the Crone Lane said...

I think everyone has felt that way at some point in their lives. Great poem, it really captures the essence of being sad and alone. What's wonderful is to have a creative outlet to use to help express those emotions so you don't carry them around. Poetry, art, writing blogs...whatever works. :)

SuziCate said...

Such a sad poem, I have written some sad (even morose) poetry when I was depressed. I used to hate to read it and be reminded, now I use it as a reflection of how far I've come. Thanks for sharing.

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