Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute: Followers-of-the-Blog-04

When Tuesday Tribute was created— I had an idea to do a spotlight on my followers. I thought… what a great way of promoting their blogs and give them credit for bearing with my narrative/technical-writer style of writing. I decided to write to those followers that I could and ask two questions so that their words could be a part of the post:

  1. What reason do you have for following my blog?
    I know this may seem selfish, but I am curious what motivated you to sign up.
  2. Why do you think that others follow your own blog?
    I know why I do and will let you know in my post along with my impressions on what your blog is to me.

I realized that posting on all of my followers would be a very long post— so I broke it up into smaller manageable pieces.

Note: I started sending out the questionnaire again after I reached 60 followers. Since Blogger changed the way that followers are displayed, I have no way of knowing in what order my next 30 followers joined up. So I decided to list them in the order I received responses. Here is what the next 10 followers have to say:

Jillene @ Jillene's Journal
Jillene has a way of making the everyday mishaps of life enjoyable. She has an interesting wit and it typically shows in her posts. Here is what Jillene has to say:
  1. I started following your blog because of Friday Feast. You posted about it on Facebook and I had no idea that you had a blog—so I went and checked it out and liked it so I became a follower.
  2. I honestly have no idea why others follow my blog. Maybe because I am a mom like they are or we have the same religious background. I never in a million years thought I would make this many friends from blogging and that 100 people would follow me.
Little Ms Blogger @ A Little Blog About Nothing
Little Ms Blogger has an interesting blog title and a cute avatar of a cupcake with pink frosting and a cherry on top… who couldn't resist. On Wednesday's she has her "Rant and Rave Wednesday" where she highlights those things that she is disappointed in as well as proud of from the past week. Here is what Little Ms Blogger has to say:
  1. I followed your blog because you left a comment on mine and others I was reading. I wanted to know more about the person behind the comment. I liked what I read.
  2. You know what, I don't have a clue. My sister follows because she's family and has to. She's the only person I know personally that is a follower.
    Although I don't have a clue why people read me, I'm happy they do. I've met some great people in the blogging world and have enjoyed reading voices from all over the world.
Blogging Mama Andrea @ Blogging Mama
Blogging Mama Andrea is one of the founders of In The Real World Venus vs. Mars, but has recently stopped contributing and has handed over the reigns to someone else. I enjoy her ability to encapsulate suburban life with a bit of tongue and cheek throughout. Here is what Blogging Mama Andrea has to say:
  1. I followed your blog because I like the style in which you write. Your ideas are spelled out and orderly and I tend to learn something interesting along the way. Your blog is more factual and maybe less storytelling but that is what drew me in.
  2. I hope people follow me because I strike a cord with them in something that I write. I try to be a lot of things sometimes; honest, funny, real. I hope that I can make people think or laugh and that's why they want to follow me. Failing that, free chocolate ;)
Texasholly @ June Cleaver Nirvana
I may have seen Texasholly comment on something and decided to check out her blog. I think it is the Cheerio-proof couch in her header that kept me coming back— that and she writes about a lot of different topics. Here is what Texasholly has to say.
  1. I use following blogs as a way to add people to my reader. I just like to keep track of blogs that sparked my interest so I don't forget to return…it is easy to get overwhelmed in blogland.
  2. I think people follow my blog like they turn and look at an accident on the freeway. You. Just. Can't. look. Away.
Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) @ Stacy's Random Thoughts
I think that Stacy's blog name and handle pretty much say it all. Stacy is a regular participant in Tuesday's Random Thoughts and gives a great presentation of randomness throughout. Here is what Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) has to say:
  1. I follow your blog because you always have something interesting going on and I appreciate your sense of humor and wit. You also leave comments on my blog that make me laugh out loud…I like that!
  2. I hope others follow my blog because they enjoy reading what I have to say and like coming back for more stuff and nonsense. ;)
Eternal Lizdom @ Eternal Lizdom
I rather like the blog name and handle of Eternal Lizdom— it's a turn of the phrase "Eternal Wisdom" which seems to sum up the overall feel of the blog itself. Here is what Eternal Lizdom has to say:
  1. Why do I follow Ca-Joh? It's hard to remember back to when or how I found you. But I can tell you the 2 reasons I stick around… story telling and Friday's Feast! One of these days I'll participate in Friday's Feast but for now, I really just enjoy reading. I love hearing about the things you do with your family and friends, your grandkids (I wanna come to camp!!), stories from your childhood and your theatre days (especially love hearing about your theatre days).
  2. Why do others follow my blog? I have no idea! Ha! I love that people do and I hope that the people who choose to follow me or add me to their reader or whatever do so because they find humor or inspiration or guidance or fun or remembrances of their own. I think I have a lot to offer through my life experiences and my honesty.
Sara Lulu @ Normal is a cycle on a washing machine
I rather like Sara Lulu's blog name— it is one of those interesting titles that are quite profound. Sara Lulu is a blogger from "Down Under" so it is nice to be able to get a different perspective on things. Here is what Sara Lulu has to say:
  1. I don't remember exactly… and DO correct me if I'm wrong… but I think you found me first? Made a comment perhaps?
    I like your sense of humour… I very much enjoy the cooking/recipes… because they often seem quite strange to me!!
    And I think you are from Chicago… my only (as far as I know) Chicago friend.
  2. Question_Two_Answer
Otter Thomas @ Life of a New Dad
I first knew of Otter Thomas through Dad Blogs and have read many of his thoughts on fatherhood whenever he posts for Fatherhood Friday. I must admit that I chuckled a bit over his handle in that it reminds me of a line from a play: "Not raised BY otters… but raised by THE Otter's— the Otter family". Here is what Otter Thomas has to say:
  1. Chris, you have one of the truly more interesting perspectives in the blogosphere. I consider myself to be a fairly deep thinker, but you often pose things that have not occurred to me. That is what I like.
  2. I hate to say why people follow me. Whatever I say will sound conceited. I think I have a certain ability to describe feelings or beliefs that people enjoy. I hope I am able to be entertaining at times as well. I know some other people relive the time they had young children through my experiences as well.
Lissa @ Lissa-Like It-Or-Love It
Lissa has been out of blogging for a while, but what she currently has is quite enjoyable. I also like her avatar of a leaping frog (AKA: Leaping Lissa). Here is what Lissa has to say:
  1. I believe I found your blog through MamaKat's writing workshop?? I decided to follow you because I found your posts to be thought provoking and witty. What also impressed me is that you are a MAN Blogger (lol) I mean I am married to the MAN Coach. Bless his heart, he just doesn't understand blogging. We won't even discuss cooking:)
  2. I haven't blogged in forever. So that the fact that I still have followers (on both blogs)amazes me. Some of my followers I met through different things I participate in. Some just showed up and actually liked what I had to say. Some could just be desperate for followers themselves and added me, hoping for the same in return.
S3XinthePantry @ S3XinthePantry
S3XinthePantry is one of my most recent followers. I rather like the play on words of her handle as well as the blog address. There is a lot of tongue and cheek in her posts which makes them enjoyable to read. Here is what S3XinthePantry has to say:
  1. How I got there:
    I think (not sure I'm remembering correctly, I have 3 kids who each take more than their fare share of my brain!) I followed a guest blogger on your site and he wrote "read me at ca-jo's today"
    Why I follow:
    When I got to your blog I noticed all of the cooking advice. And that's when I knew I HAD to follow. Following helps me keep track of blog I like because the new posts are listed on the side of my blog. And Friday Feast is great. I'm in a mood now to learn to prepare food for my family and give William a break. He's working on new projects and he's training for a marathon.
  2. Why people follow my blog:
    I have no clue - I should be like you and ask them. I hope they follow me because
    1) I make them laugh
    2) I offer suggestions that they might actually use in their life
    3) they like me
    But who knows!

As for the rest of you… it's not too late to let me know. Feel free to either e-mail me, or submit a comment with your answers. I'm hoping to post for the next ten followers as soon as I get your responses.

Tuesday's Tribute


Unknown said...

I'm definitely going to have to take a look at the bloggers you listed that I'm not familiar with. Sara Lulu sounds especially interesting.

I like this idea of Tuesday's Tribute. It's nice to meet some new people.

Jillene said...

Thank you for the compliments!! I will have tho check out the others as well.

Bookworm said...

OMG I thought I was following you....but I had subscribed not followed. But now I fixed that....I'm following you now. Does that mean I can answer your questions?? Cool. I'll email them to you as soon as I can find your email address. It's gotta be here somewhere.... :)

Barbaloot said...

That's a fun thing to do. I never noticed followers until one day I signed into my blog on another computer and had six! I thought that was a pretty big deal:)

Little Ms Blogger said...

Okay, I'm a big dork. I can't read.

When Ca-Joh asked for feedback, I didn't read the first question ...I thought he asked why I blog. Apparently, I HAVE ISSUES READING.

As I misread the question, I want to answer why I follow Ca-Joh.

I read some of his comments on my blog, but because I lurk around the blogging community, I read others he left and wanted to check him out.

I liked what I read and followed immediately.

Ca-Joh, I apologize for being unable to read a simple question. I'm officially a 'blog' dork.

Amy said...

That is a great way to honor your followers. Have a great day.

Claremont First Ward said...

What a fabulous, idea. I can't believe I hadn't signed up as a follower sooner.....I thought I had. YOu've been on my reader for ages, so I guess that counts, right?

I don't know how I found your blog? BUT, in the beginning I remember thinking that I appreciated that your posts were humble and thought provoking......and it's always fun to find new "man bloggers".

Why do people follow my blog? No idea? Facination with large families? My wit? Seriously though.......I've been told that it's because I seem kind. And if that's why, I'll take it. I Do try always to be kind and optimistic.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Lovely words and I enjoyed getting to know some of your readers!

Erin said...

What a fun thing to do! I enjoy getting to know new people too.

Anonymous said...

Ca-Joh not sure where I fit in here( don't see a followers widget thingy ). But as for answers I can tell you that:
1. Found you through otin's Rhyming Wednesday meme and liked your style of writing, as soon as I read it. 'Twas a bit different but most refreshing. I seem to be stuck in the "rhyming" mode and could only pray to write like this.
2. As for why others may follow my bloggo, not sure. It could be the poetry or sharing of alike ideas and events, that one can relate to. Still wondering...

Great post and idea, here...

Otter Thomas said...

Thanks for the tribute. I hope you keep reading. I got the handle Otter from a movie, but not that movie. It is actually my dogs name and it came from Animal House. Yes I stole my dogs name. How cool am I?

Mike said...

I am sorry that I did not get back to you, I am just stretched so thin lately!

prashant said...

Does that mean I can answer your questions??
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Texasholly said...

Thanks for including me! What a fun list. I am going to have to check out some of the others as well.

Cajoh said...

@Angie, @subtorp77: I have included your entries for my next Tuesday's Tribute.

@otin: Don't worry. I currently have four out of ten lined up, so I'll just slip yours in whenever you get a chance.

@prashant: I know that some users do not have a blogger account and still follow. If you are one of those, feel free to e-mail me your answers along with your blog address so I can add you to my "what the followers have to say" blog-roll.

S3XinthePantry said...

Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog!

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