Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Warm Milk

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

With inspirations from Mrs. Mackinac

There are times when the beverage of choice is D. …Richard Nixon— and my wife wants a warm mug of milk before going to bed. Here is how I usually make warm milk:

Warm Milk:

1 Good size Mug
Enough milk to fill above mug
1 t Vanilla Extract
1/2 t Ground Nutmeg
1 Spoon (optional)
  1. Find a nice comforting Mug.
  2. Pour enough milk into the mug to fill it well.
  3. Place mug into the microwave and heat on high for 55 seconds.
    don't ask me why I choose weird numbers like that for heating times… that's for another post entirely.
  4. Remove from the microwave.
  5. Pour the vanilla extract into the now warmed milk.
  6. Add the ground nutmeg to the top
    I usually grind it fresh.
  7. Place the spoon into the mug for possible stirring.
  8. Enjoy


Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

Oh no offense but ewwww.My mom made the best smelling and sounding warm milk for me as a kid, and I just couldnt bring myself to drink it. I know I am still a stubborn 8 year old at heart! : )

Kristen said...

Sounds great can you make me a mug?!

Anonymous said...

Okay. I'm glad you add vanilla and nutmeg. I've always pictured warm milk as that, and nothing more, and it seems gross. But with the spices, maybe not quite so bad. As a ton of sugar, and I'm IN!

kel said...

Sounds good to me... never tried it. BUt I will now!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a little bit of heaven. We're having a blizzard here today so I'm actually going to make it and sit on the couch with a good book!

Llama Wanderings said...

I grew up with my Mom usually taking hot milk every night to help her unwind before heading off to bed. She did not add anything to it, I have a mug her way many times and it does nothing for me. I will have to try yours and see how it goes! :D

Debbie said...

You make warm milk for your wife? What are you, husband of the year? And if so, can I send my husband over for lessons?

Mama Wheaton said...

I will have to try that tonight. I remember liking warm milk as a child.

Deb said...

i have a similar recipe except it doesn't include #4.

you are hilarious...

ok, we definitely need to explore the whole number selection thing. i do the same thing when timing on the microwave, or on the treadmill. is it related to OCD? superstition?

in all seriousness, i think i am going to try that tonight! do you use whole? 2%? i would think skim wouldn't be worth the trouble.

oh! and we will also need to have a discussion on comforting mug selection. i like a smaller one, with a delicate handle, because i drink slowly and if i use a big one, it goes cold. my husband likes a big, bulky mug with at least a 2 cup capacity and a solid handle.

am i reading WAY too much into your post? you should link it up to our TT. the tribute to warm milk.

KatieZ said...

Wow, that sounds like heaven in a mug! Does it really work tho.. I mean the warm milk, helping to get to sleep..does it really work?!

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Oh, Im sorry but I dont think I could drink warm milk. Unless it had chocolate in it. I like my milk COLD.

Cajoh said...

Thank you all for your comments. To answer Deb's question… I'm a purist so whole milk is the only way we go.

Jay @halftime lessons said...

Saee? I KNEW there was more to it than just "warm milk", which sounds like crap!

Thanks for the tutorial...I am SO gonna try this...you had me at Vanilla.

And great Tuesday's Tribute! Hope we see you back next week!


Aracely said...

Yack attack! Milk has to be ice cold , come from soy, unsweetened... oh boy, this means I'm getting old doesn't it.

Vodka Mom said...

I am trying this tonight. I did NOT sleep well last night, and I need a little something. Vodka did NOT work.

tonight, it's the milk.

in time out said...

love the "it's not all about you" that is fun. btw, glad I am not the only one whose head is spinning. hugs, $

Unknown said...

I could take warm milk with the vanilla added. I can't do it on its own.

P.S. There's an award for you at my site.

B said...

I love warm milk. So I'm going to send a link of this post to my husband.

Jo said...

What a sweet hubby! Does it taste good in soy too?

PreciseDisarray said...

intentionally making warm milk has never occurred to me, but the addition of vanilla and nutmeg intrigue me enough to want to make it. Now if I can just refrain from adding a shot (or two or three) of espresso to it. I'm thinking that that might somehow defeat the purpose?

As for #3. I nod my head in agreement. The time choices I come up with regularly perplex and amuse my boyfriend. Seemingly normal to me, but now I have to think about that.. haha

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