Saturday, February 9, 2013

Spin Cycle: Love

In honor of Valentine's day, I thought I would spin up a few poems of mine about Love:

Love is so simple
but we don't have the patience to make it so


Love is like a flickering candle
just one breath is all it can handle

Steady streams of air keep it going
for love is always ever flowing

So find the love and you will know
just how to grow in life's big gamble


If love is endless
then have I found love

Is it creeping around the corner
like a peaceful dove

Will I know its place
like the back of my hand

Or will I have to look further
like a penny in white sand

Can I be sure of what I know
or will I never know

Will I then learn to grow
and see all of the above


Love grows within the briars an bushes for the fire
for love is the only pain we all want to acquire


Where is my love whom I adore
has it disappeared into forgotten lore

A story told to please ourselves
as we put our love on forgotten shelves

To lock the door with unmarked key
and stop ourselves from being free

So free ourselves from this pleasurable pain
so we can gain our love all the more


Love it is a wonderful thing
it makes some cry and others sing

It takes some in and lets some go
and is always there and helps you grow

So don't let your love play the opossum
and let it blossom like the early spring


Beauty is in the heart
where love always makes its start


Life is an axle where all things revolve
and love is the center from which life can evolve


Love is like a plant
give it the proper nourishment and it grows

But stop feeding it
and it will die and fade away


Second Blooming


Ginny Marie said...

What beautiful thoughts about love! I like the comparison of love to an axle. It definitely makes the world go round!

gretchen said...

So beautiful and ROMANTIC!

You are linked!

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