Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Secret Santa Spin

Tis' the season for Secret Santa's. It's not everyday that you can send someone the Christmas spirit just in time for the holidays. Here in the blogging world one way to send the Christmas spirit is to send readers your way.

I participated in the this week's Spin Cycle to which we were told to send a list five of our favorite bloggers, then one was picked from the list for us to write a post about. One of those blogs is from Camille @ Archives of our Lives

I like the name that Camille uses for her blog, it reminds me of my days as an Archivist. She may be Canadian, but she also has roots here in the states. Perhaps it is the combination of the two that makes her so interesting. Camille is one of those bloggers that has been around a long time. I do not remember how I discovered her blog, but I have been a loyal fan ever since. Even though I probably don't comment very often, I still try and read all of her posts. She has a meme called Saturday Steals that if you like great finds (aka: steals) you can participate in.

I think I gave enough of a smattering of what her blog is about to not give too much away, yet at the same time make you interested enough to go check her blog out for yourself.

Have a merry Christmas Camille (they do celebrate Christmas in Canada correct…) Just kidding— enjoy your holidays and looking forward to many more posts to come.

small cycle


Bee said...

who got your blog?? that post, i would like to read!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Wonderful! Camille has a great style in her writing that gives me just the right mood she's looking to convey. Difficult to do, but she nails it.
Great Spin! You're linked and Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Great tribute to your favorite blogger! Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas!

Pseudo said...

I will check it out! Hoping your Christmas was wonderful and wishing you a very happy New Year.

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