Thursday, June 17, 2010

Writer's Workshop Spin: Eye Daubing

In honor of Mamma Kat's Writer's Workshop I have decided to tackle prompt #4:
Who first told you that it’s not nice to stare? Write about a time you stared when you maybe shouldn't have, or a time when someone stared at you.

Also, since this week's Spin Cycle is a free spin, I thought I would spin it up a bit as well and "turn it on it's head"…

I heard it said that if you are in a stand off with a mean looking dog to stare it down and wait for it to turn its head away. Once they do, you have the upper hand and can safely walk away. Armed with this misinformation I took this knowledge one step further and came up with eye daubing.

What I would do is stare straight at someone and wait for eye contact. They say the eyes are the window to the soul and it is that thrill that you get when you make eye contact with them. Most of the time when they happened to make eye contact with me across the room they tended to look away out of embarrassment— I then felt to myself that I had the upper hand and had won.

However… all of my eye daubing was when I was a young and stupid adolescent. I think I finally stopped when I realized that someone may just continue to make eye contact with me, walk straight up to me and slap me silly.

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brainella said...

You know, I found that people stare a LOT in Europe. When we were there a few years ago, I noticed people had NO issues staring right at you. Very uncomfortable. After a few days I took to staring back! :)

Sprite's Keeper said...

I used to be the same way in high school where I would look people in the eye. The boys thought it was an invitation or that I was flirting with them when I was only trying to assert my equality. Oy.
You're linked! Great subject!

Anonymous said...

I like to stare at nothing! You know when you kind of zone out staring at nothing in particular?

I love those moments! hee hee

Maureen said...

Hahahaha great one! Oh people in China will stare at you until you're out of sight completely that my hubby sometimes said "Wanna take a picture as well?" LOL

Unknown said...

I hate being slapped silly as well. And I have never tried the dog trick, though I have often wondered if that old wives tale was true. Heaven help the person who finds out for themselves it isn't.

Patty O. said...

I've heard the opposite about dogs, that making eye contact is like a challenge. Not sure if that is right--I try to stay far away from scary dogs.

Mayhem and Moxie said...

I'm a longtime staring addict. It's a problem, but I guess the first step is admitting your addiction, right? The sad part is that I have passed it onto my kids.

When will I learn? :)


Michele said...

Sometimes I sit in my office and stare off into space but everyone thinks I'm thinking profound thoughts. So totally not the case. I'm usually thinking about food. Which I guess could be profound but usually isn't.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Princess Nagger likes to have staring competitions. She usually wins. ;)

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