Saturday, August 16, 2008

Let's Get Chalked

I have found that a lot of terms that describe being inebriated are quite graphic:
"Let's get plowed"–getting so drunk that you feel like you have been plowed under the ground.
"Let's get pissed"–getting so drunk it is as if your blood has turned to urine (probably due to the large amount of beer you have consumed).
"Let's get trashed"–getting so drunk it is as if your body has been thrown in a garbage can.
"Let's get chalked"…

When I was attending Illinois State University I noticed what appeared to be an outline of a person on a wall. It struck my friend and I as particularly funny because it looked a lot like a police outline. This got us to thinking… what if this is "real"? Then it got us to wondering… what if you are so drunk that you pass out and everybody thinks your dead, will the police draw an outline around your body?

Let's get chalked!!!

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