Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Looking for a way

I look for a way to free my soul
from the time that has put me in a hole

A hole of chores that slow me down
'til I'm put at rest with no white gown

I wear the clothes that shut me in
and tie me up so I can't begin

My heart begins to weep again
as I look across my plain

I only wish I could leave this trap
and find the map to make me whole


Looking back on this poem it seems to sum up those days where the tediousness of life seem to trap you in. I was amazed by my usage of the word "plain" in the second line of the fourth stanza. Being spelling challenged— I originally meant to use the word plane (intended to refer to a field or plane), and mistakenly wrote it down as plain. Interestingly, this mis-choice of word gives it a better meaning when I look it over today.


Stacey said...

I feel that tediousness from time to time. It really does trap you in. Great poem. I love poetry, but can't write it to save my life!

That gentleman's lady said...

I hope you succeed :)

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