Monday, February 13, 2012

"Short" Spin

This week's topic for The Spin Cycle is Most Embarrassing Moment. Not that I wasn't embarrassed during this moment— but it reminded me of the time I got "caught with my pants down"…

Me as Judge Wilson— who couldn't trust a guy like that.

I was playing Judge Wilson in the musical 1776 and was getting fitted for my costume during one of the rehearsals. I was trying on the pants I would wear in another room when I heard that my scene was coming up. I must admit, I have been comfortable wearing boxers on stage since I played Tony in West Side Story— so going on without pants was not a bother. I didn't want to miss my entrance— so I skipped putting my pants on and went straight into the rehearsal room wearing my thick red and white striped boxers.

Being that the show was a comedy, I tried my best to stay in character and not crack up. This was especially difficult since I saw the rest of the cast who was not in the scene trying not to laugh as well. But the real kicker was when the person who played Ben Franklin shouted out "Hey Martha… I have a great idea for a flag" to which the entire room broke out in laughter and the scene had to stop.

Ever since that time, whenever I wore those boxers I had to giggle a bit.

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