Thursday, November 5, 2009

Writer's Workshop: Just call me Murphy

In honor of Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop I have decided to take on Prompt #2.
Tell me your most humorous wedding experience

As it's been over ten years since I got married, one would think that all of the memories from the day would be completely wiped from my mind. I will try my best to recall some of the humorous moments from my wedding day. I cannot guarantee that it is completely accurate (I tend to blame that on the Aliens who use my memories for entertainment purposes) but is is quite funny all the same.

Being that I was over thirty when I got married, most of the wedding plans were left up to my wife and I. We did a pretty good job booking the venue and getting everything lined up— but sometimes the best laid plans go to waste.

My wife and I had a great spread arranged for the wedding. Considering that we have several dietary requirements including Kosher, Vegetarian, and Heart Healthy— we were able to pick out a menu that covered all the bases. About two weeks before the wedding we get a call from the hotel indicating that the menu was going to change. When we called about the menu change we were told that the wedding coordinator was fired for promising things they could not deliver. After much negotiations we knocked off some of the extras so that we could still have the menu we wanted even though it was not part of the package the hotel offered. That should have been my first hint of things to come.

You could say that the wedding itself was a success because many of the things that always seem to happen did as can be attested by my previous post: That happened at my wedding too… but this is not the entire story.

One would think that it is the responsibility of the Maid of Honor and the Best Man to take care of the bride and groom during the wedding and reception. I tend to blame it on my wanting everything to go as planned, than letting go and having someone else handle things. During the reception I must have looked more like the nervous mother than the groom running around in a panic most of the time. And who could blame me— things were falling apart left and right (literally)…

I don't know how it happened, but the dance floor was coming apart. The dance floor was a series of raised square boxes that were put together to make a dance floor. Somehow the squares were not together at the seams— and we were worried that someone would get hurt while dancing. Rather than stopping the festivities and scramble to find someone to fix the dance floor— we all decided to try and fix it ourselves. If you didn't know better you would have thought that it was a new dance craze with everybody jumping in the same direction in short strong hops— but in actuality we were trying to scoot the dance floor together.

And it didn't stop after the day was over. I lost my wedding band overnight. And to "top it off" (pun intended)— we found ourselves scouring the kitchen the next day only to find out that they served our cake topper. OK… I'll blame my sister on that one for making such a great tasting cake that everybody was asking for seconds— but that doesn't give the wait staff the excuse to break into the topper (shame on them).

Looking back on the day I just have to laugh because no matter how many things went wrong, it still turned out right. I married the woman I loved and in style. If it went without a hitch I do not think I would remember the day— it would just be one giant blurr.

So how about you… Do you have any funny wedding stories? If so, head over to Mama Kat's and tell all.


Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about a series of mishaps! I can't believe they ate your cake topper, I'd be so mad!

Anonymous said...

Awww! I'm glad you were able to get the menu worked out. That's too bad about the cake topper :-( They ate ours, too.

Unknown said...

Weddings are memorable more for the fun oddities than the precise execution of the plan. I think that is why I have such great memories of mine 34+ years ago. Hopefully you will too.

Los said...

Sometimes all you can do is laugh ... 10 years later, you guys are still going strong, that's the most important part.

Melissa aka Equidae said...

lovely post :) and yes ours went according to plans and it is just one giant blur and sometimes i feel envious of all who remember their wedding with a smile on their lips :)

Summer said...

I agree with Dan....always makes a wedding more memorable with the things that go wrong...but only great like 10 years later!

Claudya Martinez said...

I wish I could see everyone jumping on the dance floor trying to fix it.

In the end, it's all good.

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