Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Le` Moo

Last September, my wife and I went to Milwaukee and stopped at George Watts which is a specialty store that sells dishes silverware and other kitchen stuff. We saw a cute little milk pitcher in the shape of a cow that had some french saying on a card below it. After we saw the sign we started to speak with a high pitch French accent (much like a little kid) and kept saying silly things like: "Hello le` moo"… "le creuset", etc. for at least an hour after that. I secretly bought the pitcher and gave it to her for Christmas. Unfortunately, sometime this summer a plastic glass fell off of the dish rack and into the sink breaking the pitcher.

I was planning on getting a replacement for her for our anniversary, but did not have the time to check and see if the pitcher was on-line. Fortunately, my wife found the pitcher at Perennials and secretly bought me a replacement and gave it to me for my birthday. Now we can enjoy our coffee with our "little cow"!

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